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Our mission is to support you with connecting to your intuition and luminate your flow state to find clarity through healing and building a relationship of trust with self.


Our vision is to cultivate a community where individuals are able to trust and connect with their intuitive guidance to find the answers they are seeking and build a strong and healthy relationship with self.


Hi there, bright lights!

My name is Emma and welcome to my business, Luminated Flow.
Luminated Flow was born out of love for energy healing modalities and the many ways energy healing can express itself and be translated. I am a certified Reiki practioner that utilises crystals in my energy healing services and a Tarot Therapist that recognises the importance of allowing you to connect with your inner being so that you can find clarity and understanding of your next steps on your terms.
Here at Luminated Flow I endeavour to create a relaxing environment for healing and rejuvenation to take place, either in my studio where you can book a reiki or tarot therapy session or through my beautiful Crystal Grid pieces that bring the energy to you and your loved ones.

When I’m not working on my business, you’ll usually find me working fulltime kicking goals in my job or hanging out with friends and family, also can’t forget my adorable cat, Sandy.

So whether it’s a Energy healing, Tarot Therapy session, Art piece or Crystals you are after I look forward to connecting with you soon

Emma xx
Luminated Flow

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