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Emma’s crystal grids are beautiful, divinely in tune and a huge blessing for anyone who owns them! 
I have purchased two now, one for my DIL and one for my male partner.
The recipients have loved them!! ❤️
From the colours used, to the flow of energy they feel and the peace they have found since having them in their lives.
Emma, I had no doubt you would be able to intuitively capture the energy required to assist & guide these very special people through their individual journeys. 
Thank you doesn’t seem enough  x

Katrina G, WA

Crystal Grid Art

You might have noticed that the crystal grids created by Luminated Flow are different from others and this is because when I create these grids I am using my intuition to follow what they want to become. These grids have a life of there own and the power comes from allowing the shapes and patterns to become what you see . This is the same with the crystals and their placement on the grids. They are used to balance the energies and work in harmony with the shapes and patterns of the grid to increase its frequency.

Because of the way I create these pieces no one is the same and I definitely believe each was intended for a specific person so which one is calling you?

Love and Light

Emma xx

Luminated Flow

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