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Accepting all of you

Updated: Apr 26

I’ve started to realise that accepting all of you is accepting that the “bad” has it’s place with the “good” and that when we can start to bring the two together we are actually moving into a holistic version of ourselves.

Growing up I was deemed the “good girl” and I reason that it’s because I felt safer to do what I was told rather than be completely me.

I remember there were times when I would be ignored and when I did something wrong, omg I felt like I was the worst person in the world, when in fact I was just questioning in a manner that triggered those in authority around me.

I didn’t realise until recently that because of this I had actually lost a part of me. I’d boxed the parts that seemed wrong or to much for others and disassociated from them. When in fact they are some of my strongest qualities and where my autonomy and magic sits.

I’m now on a journey to reclaim these parts of self and alchemise them with my “good” qualities so that I can be more of me. It’s a process of remembering, forgiving and loving the darker qualities because in recognising that we aren’t innately light or dark and understanding that forgiving and balancing the parts that are darker we can understand and elevate ourselves to do better in the future.

So I ask you this, what parts of self-have you felt wrong about? And how has it stopped you from expressing and acknowledging all parts of yourself?

Emma xx

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