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Grounding or Earthing

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Grounding or Earthing what the scientific research says and a spiritual explanation from a Reiki practitioner.

Did you know that grounding also known as earthing has started to be scientifically studied to help quantify its benefits?

This practice is starting to be recognised as a technique by some to help with Anxiety, PTSD, inflammation, and pain among improving sleep and blood flow. Although the research is quite new and more rigorous studies are needed to confirm its benefits. Research conducted to this date has shown it has the ability to improve general wellbeing.

Rocky Pool Perth Western Australia

So what exactly is earthing or grounding?

Well, It’s fairly straight forward and a lot of us do this on a daily basis. It’s where we make physical contact with the earths natural electric charge. This can be done whilst walking barefoot through the grass, hugging a tree in the park, (yeah, I know some of you do this to!) or simply sitting at the beach with your feet in the sand. There’s even grounding mat’s you can now purchase.

What science is looking to research further is how this happens; some do believe that it restores primordial electric connection to the Earth correcting what is called “electron deficiency syndrome”. And that sentence I had to look up, but it pretty much means your body doesn’t have enough electrons to combat inflammation and diseases and the earths energy can help you out by balancing your electrons.

Now I should note that I’m not a qualified psychologist or a researcher in the fields mentioned so make sure you contact your health professional if you have any questions.

Trigg Beach Western Australia

What I do know though is that in my spiritual journey grounding is something that I was taught and reminded of a lot so the fact that its being researched in the scientific community is quite interesting!

My experience of grounding from a spiritual practice point of view is quite simple and in fact I can break it down into two reasons why it’s important.

Number 1 ‘Coming back down to Earth’

Now I guarantee you’ve heard this term before. But for me what it is basically saying is that after connecting to high frequencies there’s a need to ground myself to reconnect with my 3D reality and be present in this moment.

Ultimately, we aren’t meant to always be channelling high frequencies, I can’t always be channelling the universal life force energy like I do during my reiki sessions because I wouldn’t be able to participate in everyday activities and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy or action as much as I do when I am grounded.

Now a few people might disagree with me and be thinking well I am always connected to higher frequencies, and whilst I do believe we are always connected, everyone just has a different bandwidth of what allows them to function day to day. Which leads me to number 2

Number 2 ‘Being present’

Grounding helps me to re-centre and remember to enjoy this moment. It stops me from needing to search for answers or being distracted by past or future thinking. It’s a way for me to integrate what I’ve channelled from spirit and identify my feelings from someone else’s (classic empath here!). Most importantly it helps me to identify when I need to take a break and fill up my cup so that I can do the work that I enjoy so much.

Ultimately grounding or earthing is bloody grate! Science is starting to see real measurable benefits to it and you can do it on your own if your called to. You also now know why I post so many photos of sunsets at the beach!

So head down to the park put your feet in the grass or hug a tree, and feel yourself coming back to earth into the present moment with gratitude and loving energy because the benefits definitely outweigh looking weird!


By Emma Zilko

Luminated Flow xx

Perth Reiki Practioner, Tarot Therapist and Crystal Grid Artwork creator

Follow me on Instagram @luminated.flow for more content


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