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My Spiritual Journey

Updated: May 2

I’ve come to recognize that everyone’s spiritual journey is different. Some come with psychic gifts that have been well established since childhood, others move through trauma or near-death experiences, and some come from a place of discovery.

Not one experience is the same, but they all hold a certain frequency of similarities to a portion of people we share our experiences with.

For me my spiritual journey has been about coming back to me, finding my voice my sovereignty, and trusting in my ability to discern and make choices that are best for me.

This has meant that my connection to the universe, to source hasn’t always been as easy as having a spirit guide pop in and without a doubt tell me what I need to do. Instead it’s meant I’ve needed to find that guidance within myself instead of externalising it.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have guides that help me along my journey, or that i don't utilise my "knowing" they just very rarely give me guidance in a way that isn’t up for interpretation or where I don't need to utilise my sovereignty to make a choice in what it means.

And for me that’s been the hardest part, as someone who always asked a lot of questions and got as much information as possible before doing anything, following the nudges with nothing being an absolute certainty, was well a little crazy for me.

It has meant that my journey has taken me inwards in more ways than one, and it’s probably saved me a lot of time externalising what can only be internally embodied.

Which has meant that apart of my spiritual practice and skill set has been in identifying and surfacing aspects of myself that need to be let go off and integrate lessons that may have taken me years to embody. Meaning I've been able to shift certain family relationships and money patterns that were blocking me from experiencing what I wanted to in a period of 3 years instead of a lifetime.

And whilst my guides still don’t tell me anything that’s a certainty, they give me guidance that I get to interpret and make a choice on. Usually in the way of a feeling or image that’s a key to a possibility if I choose to explore it.

But the best thing about this journey for me, is I no longer fear taking that leap when an opportunity presents itself or I get the nudge because if I follow the thread and if it feels in alignment that’s all the certainty I need.

It's also meant that i approach practicing energy healing on others differently because external guidance is not the role I play. I'm here to provide a space that helps others like me to trust in their inner wisdom and become intermit with the areas of self that are wanting to be explored and integrated.

I provide the keys and you get to unlock the door if you so choose to...

So try not to get to wrapped up in the external guidance that spiritual practices sometimes refer to because you are the ultimate guidance system for your journey and even spirit teams are an extension of you.

Emma xx

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