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Reiki - All Your Questions Answered

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

In this article I’m going to delve into all things Reiki and answer some questions I know I had when I first started on this journey.

But before we begin a few things to note:

These answers are all based on my experiences both whilst facilitating and receiving Reiki, as well as talking to other people who engage in this modality as practioners and clients. So it is important to know that you may experience different things dependant on your circumstances and the practioner you choose to engage with.

This is really based on in person reiki sessions but you'll find that a distance healing session is run the same way just over Zoom in the comfort of your own home!

So, with that said let’s get started!

The basics

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing modality that translates to ‘universal lifeforce’. It is described as a complimentary treatment for western medicine. It is a practice that uses non-invasive gentle touch to interact with a consenting persons energy and is aimed at increasing energy levels by promoting wellbeing and relaxation.

How reiki does this is by assisting you to reach a deep meditative state where healing can take place (more on the science in another article!). And as a Reiki practioner I channel the universal life force energy with the intention that my client (you) receives what is in their highest interest.

So, basically a practioner is a conduit for the universal energy to move through into a clients energetic field. Everyone does have access to the universal life energy, Reiki practioners have just gone through a process of attunment to be able to focus and channel this energy to others (pets and plants included!).

Choosing a Practioner

When looking for a practioner its important to note that each reiki practioner is different in the way they conduct a session, a lot of us go off intuitive hits and add things like crystals or oils to activate different senses and chakras. So, it's always good to find someone that you connect with, whilst also acknowledging that it can change as you go through different stages of life and healing.

I and many other practioners believe that Reiki will only give you what you are needing the most at that time and what you are open to. So sometimes a session may focus on an area or chakra that you've identified as having a block and other times it may not. This is due to where the root energy of a block is really sitting . For example someone could be feeling like there mind is racing and want to work on their third eye but what they are really needing is grounding.

This is why going in with an open mind is important and following your intuition on a practioner that feels right for you helps you to receive what you are needing from a session.

What to expect when you arrive

What a lot of people don’t know is that prior to a session the practioner will set up the space to hold the energy and give you the best chance to relax into the experience. This can include anything from smudging the room, meditating, setting intentions for the session and/or creating a crystal grid to enhance the energies so that when you arrive you are met with a calming space.

Upon arrival you will go through a general consultation about what to expect and what you are wanting from the session. This just helps the practioner to give you an understanding of how they conduct a session and understand what you are expecting.

What to expect during a session

Once your on the reiki table and the session

begins you’ll be asked to close your eyes take a deep breath and the reiki healing will start. Some-times the practioner will conduct a guided meditation to assist you with slowing down into a meditative state. Other times they won't and in this scenario I usually recommend focusing on the music in the room if not your breath.

This for me is the easiest way to enter a deep state of relaxation and if you’ve never meditated before don’t worry, we all have minds that like to distract us, its remembering to refocus your attention if the thought isn’t helpful.

The practioner will usually start at your head and work there way down the chakras finishing at the feet but as mentioned previously its normal for practioners to use there intuition to work where they are guided. Remembering that sometimes when we think there's an issue in one area it can actually be the result of a blockage somewhere else.

What will I experience during Reiki?

This is different for everyone and does also differ from session to session but can be broken into physical and emotional experiences.

The usual physical experiences clients have are tingling, feeling heat from the practioners hands, energy running through the body and movement like twitching. These are all indicators that the energy is moving around and releasing energetic blocks.

Usually these sensations aren't uncomfortable but it is important to let your practioner know if you are feeling uncomfortable at any time as they can adjust for your comfort or pause the session based on your needs.

Now emotional experiences can differ from person to person, and I feel its important to note here that Reiki practioners are usually not certified counsellors. So, we are unable to provide the level of help that a qualified counsellor can.

As a practioner my clients wellbeing is always top of mind, and I do my best to ensure this throughout the sessions. However, you know yourself better than anyone, so it’s important to be aware of how you’re feeling for self-care purposes and to reach out to receive the support you are needing.

Emotional releases in Reiki usually occur when an energetic blockage has been identified and your ready to release it. Usually, these sorts of energetic blockages occur when we have had experiences or emotions that we were unable to process or acknowledge at the time. So sometimes it can feel heavy before it’s released and that’s so that you can process the feeling and say Bon Voyage to it!

Other times you may just feel super relaxed and up in the clouds which is great! Just make sure you drink lots of water and ground yourself before leaving (this is something that your practioner can assist you with).

What to expect after my Session?

Once the reiki session is completed you will be encouraged to sit and talk about your experience. Many, Reiki practioners are also clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient so will tell you what they experience through out the session with your permission. From my experience these conversations are a great way to integrate any messages or releases you had into the waking world and help to ground you before you go about your day.

What should I do after I leave?

After a session I recommend to take some extra time out, head to the beach, sit in a quiet space or read a book anything that is low impact and relaxing, oh and don't forget to drink lots of water!

This is because the Reiki energy will continue to move energy around after you leave. Meaning you may continue to feel a few releases when you get home and remaining relaxed can be the best way to allow the shifts to occur and integrate.

Overall, whether you are after some me time, a spiritual experience or just a boost of extra energy. Reiki really can give you a beautiful experience that leaves you feeling re-energized and ready to move forward on your healing journey.

My hope for this blog post is that it has given you the confidence to give Reiki a try and a little more insight into what a session can be like.

If you are interested in a reiki session with me either in person or distance head to or drop me a message ❤️

Love and Light

Emma xx

Luminated Flow

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