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Unlock Your Connection with Divination Tools: Finding Self, Spirit, and Higher Consciousness

Divination tools such as tarot, crystals and practices like reiki, usually get a bad wrap because they are closely associated to fortune telling or their results are not scientifically measurable. But divination can play a role in facilitating deeper understanding and connection to ourselves as well as opening us up to higher consciousness.

This is because when they are viewed and used with the intention to facilitate a person’s relationship to self and connection with spirit. We are recognising that persons autonomy to choose for themselves. Meaning there is more power in the use of these tools with this intention because you begin to build more trust in yourself.

This trust in self and connection to spirit can create powerful shifts and major transformations, because when we have a strong sense of self we can create boundaries, share our voices, pursue the life we want to lead and recognise our own ability to heal and support ourselves.

A practioner who uses divination tools with this intention is but a guide facilitating your exploration of self and spirit. They support and help you become aware of your own power and higher consciousness by holding a healing space that you actively participate in and embody. That has you realising that your connection doesn’t end when the session ends, it’s available to you always.

To Book a session with me where I facilitate the initial connection back in with self and spirit through reiki or tarot and share how you can start using these tools and practices in your everyday experiences.

Emma xx

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