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What is Tarot Therapy?

Updated: 4 days ago

Tarot therapy is a way of reading tarot by using the cards as a tool to illicit a meaning that holds a message for the client. As a Tarot Therapist it is my intention to facilitate this experience through allowing you the space to give and receive whilst honouring your autonomy and handing you back your power.

How does tarot therapy work?

When we see an image it elicits a memory, a thought, a feeling it ultimately assigns it meaning through your perspective. This meaning is influenced by our experiences, our emotions and our intuition that can all be both subconscious or conscious to us. Our intuition is ultimately us reacting to our environment and I believe that energy from the things we cannot see in our environment affect us just as much as that which we can recognise. When we connect in with these parts of ourselves to derive meaning out of the image, we are ultimately connecting to ourselves in understanding that allows us to reflect on what has come up and prompt us to explore it deeper.

In this case the Tarot utilises images that display archetypes that we all have experiences within our lives. This assists with creating universal meaning that helps you to find a different perspective with guidance from your Tarot Therapist. Whilst allowing you the space to go at your own pace and accept where you are currently at in your journey.

Tarot therapy looks to give you back your power by facilitating an experience where you travel inward to find the answer, the clarity, the next step, the confidence that you seek, because all these things you have within you. This ultimately facilitates you connecting with your intuition, your emotions and your experiences in a deeper understanding.

My job as a Tarot therapist is to facilitate this experience, to travel with you, to guide you and to foster your confidence in your own intuition, your own knowing. So that you can find the clarity and next step on your journey and feel confident in the path you are taking.

So if your feeling a little lost or unsure about where to go from here, and are ready to find the clarity and understanding book a session with me❤️

Emma xx

Luminated Flow

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