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Perth Crystals, Reiki & Tarot at Luminated Flow


Get to Know Us

Welcome to Luminated Flow! A healing space dedicated to supporting you to open the portal to your intuitive gifts and take the mystery out of your connection with spirit.  Our Reiki, Crystal and Tarot services and products are designed to help guide you to connect with yourself and uncover your intuitive gifts. Our founder Emma is an intuitive Reiki guide and Tarot Therapist who uses her gifts to help her clients awaken their inner wisdom and find the answers within. If you're looking for a supportive and intuitive healer to guide you on your journey of self-discovery, healing and connection to spirit, Emma is the perfect choice.

Find your Inner Balance 

Explore your Chakra system today with the Find your Inner Balance booklet 

Luminated Flow Perth Reiki, Tarot, Crystals
Thank you so much for my amazing session last night. You really helped me to shift that heavy energy. it was so nice to stay in the comfort of my own home and bed! I had the best night sleep following as well. Highly recommend

Jacqueline M




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