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Energy Healing Services

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Inner Glow Energy Healing Session

1 hour  /   $100AUD

From the comfort of your own home the Inner Glow Energy Healing session will take you into a deep meditative state where you can explore your inner world away from the interference of outside energy. This session will leave you feeling grounded, connected and re-energized as you enter the energetic field I setup for you before the session where healing can take place that includes the clearing of your energy field, balancing your chakras and calling back to you the energy you have given away.

It’s the perfect session for re-connecting with yourself, de-stressing and gaining clarity in areas you may be feeling confused or stressed about.

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Unravelling the Knots: An Energy Healing Journey

3 sessions  /   $333AUD

Unravelling the energetic knots is a journey of self-discovery that will lead you to smashing through your own glass ceilings, recognising your patterns and knowing how to move through change with trust in your ability to safely get you through the path ahead.

As your guide I will work with you to uncover the energetic blocks and their roots in your unconscious beliefs. That will allow for you to build a deeper connection with yourself from a place of love, compassion and understanding for the person you once were and alchemise them with who you are becoming.

With love and compassion, I will assist you to navigate the changes that occur when you start to become conscious of your patterns. Whilst encouraging the fostering of trust in yourself to be your own guide and allow for your own wisdom to flourish.

As this journey is different for everyone all sessions are bespoke to your needs meaning that a combination of techniques maybe used to facilitate your sessions which include energy healing through guided meditations and tarot therapy. To learn more about these techniques head to the blog posts What is Tarot Therapy and Energy healing with Emma at Luminated Flow.  

As this journey is a deep dive and I understand the need for each session to be bespoke to your needs there are limited spaces to work with me in this energy healing series. With a minimum of 3 sessions required over a 6-week period to give you the opportunity to start to make changes and integrate what you uncover in these sessions. With an opportunity to extend your time working with me dependent on availability. 

Prior to embarking on our journey to Unraveling the Knots, it's essential for both of us to ensure we're a perfect match for collaboration. If you're ready to unravel the energetic knots that have disconnected you from parts of yourself and make changes in your world, book your FREE 15 min discovery call with me today and take the first step toward transformation.

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