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Energy Healing with Emma at Luminated Flow

Updated: May 10

Energy is all around us it transforms and is interwoven into our worlds and our connections with others. It is the fabric of our universe something that we translate through our senses and filter through our perception. It touches each and everyone of us and does not prescribe to time or space as we know it.

When we come into contact with different energy frequencies (imagine threads of different coloured silk) it is processed through our energetic body that is made up of our chakra system and our holographic field. Our holographic field is like a layered memory bank of all the energy that has come and gone from our system and it interacts with the chakras where energy is processed and materializes as a thought, a physical feeling or an emotion.

There are 2 ways that we interact with energy:

  1. Inward to Outward - is by creating energy within us and emitting it outward into the world. This can be through consistent patterned thought forms or strong emotions and can create a projection of our inner world onto our outer world.

  2. Outward to Inward – is by touching energy from outside ourselves, whether through a collective thought form, our environment, interactions with other people and even what we consume online. This energy is then processed by us and can influence our inner world.

They both interplay together as one can influence the other. However, when we understand our inner world and begin to identify the different frequencies of energy, we can start to see when outward energy is affecting us and begin to dismantle unconscious patterns that are creating energy that is projected into our outer world in a way that limits us.

Thats why at Luminated Flow my approach to energy healing is to ensure that the experiences you have can be integrated into your life, long term. How I do this is by tapping into your energy body (Holographic field and Chakra system) and uncover where there are knots of energy. These knots of energy can be formed from unprocessed experiences, feelings, past/other/future lives or ancestor wounds.

When these knots are uncovered, I work with you to unravel the knots by guiding you to the energetic source of what created it and help you to unravel the energy built up. I do this by using a mix of tarot therapy, guided meditation and distant energy healing dependant on what your needs are for that session.

This energy healing work goes deeper than your general reiki session and is really for those who are wanting to make a change and break free from what’s currently holding them back. So that you can break your own glass ceilings, trust in your own wisdom and exercise your autonomy. Whilst building a healthy relationship to yourself with love, compassion and forgiveness.

So are you ready to take the next step on your healing journey?

Emma xx

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